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Twin Peaks Episode One Guide

His cup of coffee in the hotel's resteraunt is, "Damn fine." As he orders, he gets a glimpse of Audrey Horne, who he is obviously taken with. Audreys tells Coop about her connection to Laura. Audrey makes a couple of revealing comments to Coop.

Back at the station, Coop walks into mouthful upon mouthful of donut talkers (awesome scene). He tells Harry his plans as Harry attempts to swallow a donut whole.

Doc gives Harry the results of Laura's post-mortem. Cause of death was listed as loss of blood. Laura had sex with threemen in the past twelve hours of her life. Doc gives the skinny on Ronette's condition.

At the Johnson house, Leo gives dirty laundry to Shelley that contains an interesting clue. Leo manhadles Shelley's cheek.

James is questioned and his tells Coop & Harry what he knew of Laura and the night she died. He lies about the necklace.

Leo discovers that his bloody shirt is gone.

In the jail cell, Mike and Bobby discuss business dealings with Leo Johnson. James is taken back to his cell.

Donna and Eileen have a heart to heart about Laura's death and Donna's feelings for James.

Harry & Coop talk to Ed about James and Harry talks to Ed about what happened at the Gas Farm. Ed suspects foul play.

At Twin Peaks General Store, Nadine and Norma have a weird encounter.

Ed picks up James and James requests some help from the Bookhouse Boys. Ed has his back.

Mike & Bobby are spoken to about the incident at the Roadhouse. Coop warns them about not hurting James.

At Blue Pine Lodge, Josie and Pete talk about the Mill closure. Harry & Coop stop by to question Josie. Pete offers coffee. "Mr. Cooper, how do you take it? ""Black as midnight on a moonless night." "Pret-ty black." Josie talks about her relationship with Laura. The fish coffee is discovered. "You'd never guess.There was a fish in the percolator. Sorry."

Catherine scolds Josie about shutting the mill down for the day. She lays around in bed at the Timber Falls Motel while Ben tries to act charming. They connive about bankrupting the mill. And burning it down. Ben quasi-shrimps Catherine's toes (ew).

Donna visits Sarah Palmer. There is a case of mistaken identity and Sarah falls apart again (after a weird vision).

Hawk questions Janek and Mom Pulaski. Ronette was the sales girl at the perfume counter. Hawk follows the one armed man but loses him.

Back at the Great Northern, Audrey sways to some dreamy music and Ben chastises her for running off the Norweigians. He threatens her with life in a Bulgarian convent.

The Briggs are at the dinner table and Mjr. Briggs gives Bobby a very respectful lecture. Bobby shows utter disrespect and pays for it. "we're here for you, Bobby."

Shelley serves up coffee and pie to Coop & Harry at the RR Diner. "Log Lady. Can I ask her about her log?" "Many have." Norma get more pie and the names and numbers of the people on the meals and wheels program Laura worked for. The Log Lady tells Coop that one day her log will have something to say about it Laura's death.

Shelley comes home to a scuzzy trucker and some soap in a sock.

James has dinner with the Hayward's, Mr. Roger's style. Mike discovers that James is with Donna.

Doctor Jacoby listens to one of Laura's tape. We see that he has the gold necklace.