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Twin Peaks Pilot Guide

The pilot begins with the discovery (by Pete Martell) of a dead body next to a giant log on the Martell's property. Pete calls up the local Sheriff, Harry S. Truman, to investigate. Harry, Doc. Hayward (Medical Examiner, GP) and Deputy Andy Brennan arrive on scene and soon find out the identification of the body....Laura Palmer.

Sarah Palmer, Laura's Mom, soon realizes that her daughter is missing. She calls around and tries to locate her, but to no avail.

Leland Palmer, her Dad, is with local big win, Ben Horne, working on the Ghostwood Development project with some Norweigian investors. (A great scene!) It soon takes a downturn as Sarah alerts Leland to Laura's disappearance. In one of the most haunting scenes of the series, Sheriff Truman comes into the lobby of the Great Northern and drops the bomb on Leland. Sarah realizes what's going on and freaks out. One thing about this scene is that you may think it's tragic, funny or otherwise but it sets the tone for what's to come. Especially when it has anything to do with Sarah's mental capacity.

At the RR Diner (local greasy spoon), we meet Shelley Johnson, Bobby Briggs and Norma Jennings having strange dialogue. Bobby & Shelley leave and engage in a very public display of affection. As they're driving, we see a cop car go by and then hear Shelley & Bobby talking about her ol' man. Nothing like a little adultury to get things going.

At Calhoun Memorial, the local hospital, Leland meets with Doc. H. and Harry to ID Laura's body. He sees her pale, blue-lipped body on the table and breaks down. They sympathetically lead him out.

We move to a scene at the highschool where Audrey Horne is sneaking a smoke in her locker. Donna Hayward (Laura's best friend) and James Hurley, agree that it's a nice day for a picnic. In the clasroom, a cop busts in during role call looking for Bobby Briggs (Laura's boyfriend) and relays a message to the teacher. A girl goes screaming through the courtyard. Donna sees Laura's empty seat and connects two and two. James snaps his pencil as Donna breaks down into tears.

In the highschool library, Bobby is being interrogated by Deputy Hawk. Harry comes in and advises the principal to make an announcement to the student body. He explains to Bobby why he is being questions, who, in turn, snaps and is taken away. Principal Wolchek makes the tearful announcement. The scene closes on a picture of the homecoming queen, Laura.

Back at the Palmer house, Sarah is being sedated by Doc H. and questioned by Harry. We learn that the last time Sarah saw Laura was 9:00 PM and that she had just come home from Bobby's. Hawk collects some of Laura's property, including her diary, a video camera and a box of choclate bunnies. Sarah also mentions that she heard Laura's phone ring once. The phone rings and Andy tells Harry that Janek Pulaski's daughter didn't come homelast night and she wasn't at school either.

In the Mill, Catherine Martelland Josie Packard are fighting about the fact that Josie is shutting down the Mill in respect to Laura's death and the disappearance of Janek's daughter (Janek being an employee at the Mill). Pete, despite the warning of Catherine tells Shorty to pull the plug. Catherine fires some poor sap on her way out

Walking across a railroad trestle bridge is a young woman. She is wearing a torn nightgown, bloody and has rope around her wrists.

James pulls into Big Ed's Gas Farm on his hog and tells his uncle that Laura's dead. Big Ed had already heard.James left a note with Ed for Donna. As he leaves, Ed's wife, Nadine, pops out the door and yells something about drapes. Ed takes off.

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is the next character we meet.He's driving into town, dictating onto a audiotape and talking about lunch. He speaks a little about the case. He meets up with Harry at the hospital to see Ronette. Ronette is pretty much comatose, but talking in her "sleep." Coop inspects her fingernails. They go down to the morgue to see Laura. They encounter Doctor Jacoby, localshrink.

At the morgue, Coop finds something under Laura's fingernail, left ring finger, a tiny paper with the letter "R" on it. Coop has seen it before and tells Harry that they have a lot to talk about.

Donna pulls up to the Gas Farm and gets James's note from Big Ed. He gives he a consolatory hug and Donna's psycho boyfriend,Mike Nelson, pulls up in his car and acts like a jerk. Nadine comes out and acts like a jerk too.

At the Sheriff's Station, Coop and Harry are looking through Laura's belongings. Afterlooking in her Diary, they come up with a couple of leads. Harry is incredulous and can't believe that Laura was anything but the good girl they all knew her as. They make plans to look at her safety deposit box.

At the train yard, a tearful Andy calls up Lucy and tells her how horrible the crime scene is. He asks Lucy to tell Harry that he didn't cry. Lucy consoles her boyfriend.

Back in the interrogation room, Coop and Harry question Bobby in the presence of his lawyer. Coop shows him a video of Laura and Donna dancing in the mountains. Bobby's very interested in the video. Coop thinks he's innocent, but doesn't like him.

At the Great Northern, Audrey stirs up trouble by telling her father's potential investors about the grisly murder that just took place, effectively scaring them away.

Back at the station Bobby & Mike Nelson talk about strightening Donna out and busting up nsome freaking biker. Bobby's parents try to be supportive but Bobby's a jerk. Donna gets questioned by Coop about the video. She makes up a story about a hiker who shot the video for them. Coop is not satisfied. Lucy and Coop agree: they're looking for a biker.

Next, Coop and Harry visit the crime scene. Inside the train car, they find a mound of dirt with a half of a heart necklace, and a paper that says "Fire Walk With Me" written in blood. We see that James has the other half of the necklace.

At the Horne's residence, Johnny Horne, decked out in a Chief's headdress, is banging his head against a doll? house because Laura isn't coming to tutor him.

When Coop & Harry investigate Laura's safety deposit box, they find $10,000, and a copy of Fleshworld with Ronette Pulaski's photo in it.

Leo has suspicions of Shelley's adultury and we see what a winner he really is.

Norma calls Ed at the Gas Farm and we realize that he, too, has adulturous tendencies. They plan on meeting at the Roadhouse.

Twin Peaks town meeting is where Coop is introduced to some of Twin Peaks finest: Log Lady, Mayor Milford, Ben Horne, etc. Cooper tells the citizens that Laura's death wasn't unique. A curfew is recommended for children under 18.

At the Hayward house, Doc relates the days tradgedies to his wife, Eileen, while Donna eavesdrops. Donna overhears the crimescene info about the necklace. She enlists her goofy sisters help in sneaking out of the house to meet James. Mike and Bobby show up to Donna's drunk and irritable. Doc learns of her highjinks. After hearing the news, Mike & Bobby head to the Roadhouse. And Doc calls Harry, who is already on a stakeout at the Roadhouse.

Norma and Ed spend some quality time together while Julee Cruise belts out "Falling." When Mike and Bobby show up, Coop mentions that trouble is likely. Mike starts in on Donna and Ed intervenes. Chaos ensues. Joey takes Donna to James while the law discreetly follows. "Do you think they spotted us?" "Gimme a donut."

When Donna and James talk, the sparks fly. James gives his rendition of the night's events. They discuss Laura's dark side and take advantage of eachother's vulnerable conditions. They decide to bury the necklace to cover James's butt.

Coop & Harry arrest James on his way into town. Donna is released to her father and James is thrown into a cell with Mike and Bobby in adjacent cells.

Donna and Doc have a heart to heart and make up.

The donut table from heaven is displayed and Harry hooks Coop up with a good rate at the Great Northern.

Back in the jail, Mike and Bobby show James their rendition of simian behaviour.

Josie's waiting for Harry at the Blue Pine Lodge AKA the Martell residence. Catherine and Ben conspire over the phone. Josie expresses her fear to Harry.

Sarah Palmer lays down and has a disturbing vision.

A gloved hand uncovers the necklace that Donna and James buried and takes it away.